Surreybrook is an amazing school!! My son has flourished both academically and socially since being enrolled. As a Social Worker, I appreciate the way they are preparing him for kindergarten with academics, cultural diversity, social interactions and plenty of time for outside play. Staff are attentive, knowledgeable, caring and supportive of their students. There is an open-door policy in terms of communication related to my son and school events. We could not be happier with Surreybrook!

Britt Lewis

My wife and I love Surreybrook, but more importantly our son adores the school and staff. It’s amazing to see how well our son has flourished.

Jeff Harwell

I absolutely LOVE the teachers in my son’s program (Butterflies), and this school as a whole. Every time I show up at the school, the teachers are positively engaging with the kids, whether it’s through snuggles or cooperative play. They create the most creative and engaging activities each day. As a teacher, I really appreciate receiving weekly lesson plans with details about how they align their program with standards and developmental milestones. When your young toddler comes home recognizing words in different languages, sharing toys willingly, and shows you yoga moves, you know they are being provided an opportunity to thrive! Thank you to the amazing team who cares for my son like he is their own.

Sarah Swift Parzuchowski

My husband and I LOVE this school. Our son only attends two half days a week for daycare, but he loves it too. He comes home speaking Spanish, doing yoga and thrilling us with everything he has learned. The staff is dedicated, wonderful and attentive. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Surreybrook.

Lori Farthing

It is difficult to put into words just what a special place this is.

Shawna Dorso

Just a beautiful place inside and out! The artwork in the classrooms are magnificent. There are many different outside play areas. The toys looked clean and well kept. They plan there curriculum around the importance or reading. The staff all seemed welcoming and friendly. The whole atmosphere was magical. By far one of the best Connecticut daycares I have seen.

Nikki Valestra

We love how much time our daughter spends outside exploring nature.

Jeni Bonaldo

My daughter loves everyone at Surreybrook!! She is always happy to be dropped off and happy and exhausted when I pick her up. She is constantly doing cool projects and I really love the nature’s classroom. Perfect balance of play and lessons. They really put a focus on learning even at a young age! Can’t say enough amazing things about the staff here.

Allegra Itsoga

A truly unbelievable place for families. A beautiful environment that provides each individual child with exactly what they need. They foster a love of learning, provide support to the children as well as the family, all with the warmth and love you would hope for!

Beth Gross Messina

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