When children relate what they learn to their own experience through a program of meaningful curriculum and creative play, they develop powers of concentration and interest and a life-long love of learning. Our program provides children with both structured learning as well as time to learn through their own self-initiated discovery. Our toddler program encourages the development of social, language, motor and cognitive skills. Our weekly curriculum includes circle time, math, science, sensory, Spanish, sign language and Yoga. Social and self-help skills are introduced when children are ready to master them in a fun, age-appropriate manner.

Young Toddlers

The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative years. It is a time when children effortlessly absorb concepts and habits. It is also the period when roots for a love of learning are established. In our younger toddler classrooms, your child will be exposed to age appropriate materials that stimulate the absorbent mind and encourage natural curiosity. The young toddler program bridges the gap between infancy and full toddler independence, where the child learns how to care for and express themselves more sufficiently. Here, we foster self-help skills, initiative, exploration, confidence and mastery of routine.

Our young toddlers spend their time exploring a variety of basic lesson materials in all areas, to facilitate both large and small motor development as well as lots of sensory exposure! Early language, mathematics, and science are also explored through use of concrete materials and investigations in nature. Our young toddlers initiate and propel their learning at their own unique pace and timing, in eventual preparation for our Toddler classroom.

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Older Toddlers

The older toddlers are enthusiastically developing more curiosity and motor skills. Surreybrook provides this age group a carefully planned environment that allows for various hands-on sensorial discoveries, social interactions, and individual achievements. We also take time to assist the children in learning and practicing grace and courtesies. Our supportive teachers understand the unique responsibility of ensuring that each child is nurtured and respected in a way that encourages growth in a safe place. In the classroom and outdoor space, children are exposed to age appropriate learning materials and equipment that stimulate the mind, advance muscular development, and encourage a natural wonder of the world around them.

Learning concepts continue to follow a natural progression through these activities:

  • Fine Motor Development and Concentration: Pouring, scooping, buttoning, zipping, folding, lacing, sorting and beading
  • Large Motor Development: Climbing, running, bicycling, dancing, rolling and kicking balls
  • Science: Sensory activities that refine the senses and give opportunities to feel, touch, smell, see, hear, and taste
  • Language: Introduction to sounds, story-telling, and communication skills
  • Mathematics: Introduction to numbers, stacking and nesting, sorting and counting, and using the world around them as it teaches
  • Art: Using watercolors, clay, paints, cooking, baking, music and movement
  • Social and Emotional Growth: Introduction to effective communication, self discovery, and respect for environment and others