“To have a child is to create a new world”

– Maimonides

It’s going to be hard leaving your precious baby in the care of her teachers for the first time. We understand that. That is why our first job is to get to know you and your child as individuals. We work closely with you and your family to accommodate your infant in a manner compatible with your family patterns and gently phase her or him into the program over a week or more to help your child to feel safe and secure in the new setting and support them in developing appropriate attachment to the teaching team in the classroom.
At the Surreybrook School, we take a holistic approach to infant care. Our organic approach to caring for infants allows each individual child to develop and progress according to their own unique rhythm.

The infant program uses on-demand scheduling and teachers respond promptly and sensitively to babies’ cues to assure that each child’s specific needs are met. The staff’s gentle, reassuring voices help establish a “home away from home” for your little one, filled with love and trust.

We maintain frequent, daily contact with you throughout the day and work closely with you on emerging issues for your child that are challenges and/or opportunities.

Your baby is an individual to be nurtured with love, affection and respect. The teachers in our infant program focus on establishing warm, responsive, stable and intrinsically rewarding relationships with each baby, for we believe that securely attached babies become more curious and independent toddlers and preschoolers.

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The Infant Classroom

Our infant room is a peaceful, loving place where your baby can explore, play and feel at home in a natural and secure setting. The play space is filled with natural light and designed to allow for expansive views of the local flora and fauna. Developmentally appropriate materials are introduced based upon sensitive observation of the child. This serene environment allows your child to reach developmental milestones in their own way and in their own time while providing nurture and contentment each day. Our infants are provided peaceful rest opportunities in our quiet and cozy crib area and loving care and supervision.

The path to literacy begins with conversations between caregivers and young children. Research tells us that a caregiver is laying the foundation for language and reading when she talks aloud to a baby throughout the day, telling them about their activities, repeating back his babbling, asking him questions, reading him books, and singing him songs. Our teachers promote language development by using simple words and keep a balance between listening and talking with the child and provide an environment rich with age-appropriate books, interesting pictures and photos to talk about, labels, and other printed material.

Curriculum is vital for even our youngest learners. Our educated and experienced staff provides a weekly curriculum which focuses on cognitive, motor and self-help skills. Activities in the infant room include free floor time, discovery of the senses, motor development, music and movement, outdoor exploration, healthy meal and snack times, snuggling, relaxation and slumber. We also introduce our infants to sign language to facilitate communication. Introduction to Spanish starts here in our infant room, as research indicates that this is an optimal time for language acquisition.